Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, England, France... I want to spend at a minimum of three months traveling Europe with only a small backpack. 

I want to travel Europe with only a small backpack. I plan on taking no more then:

  • 3x T-shirts
  • 2x Dress shirts
  • 1x Jeans 
  • 4x Shorts
  • 8x Underpants
  • 8x Socks
  • 1x Casual Shoe
  • 1x Sport Shoe

I am pretty set on ticking this off the bucket list within the next few years, so with some hope you will be able to follow my journey right here! I have already planned an itinerary taking me to 23 countries in 3.5 months. After completing this trip, I will post my itinerary.


P.s. - I have spent over 110hrs planning this trip so far... so it should be magical!