What happens in the village after competition?

There is a lot of talk and speculation about what goes on in the athlete’s village after competition… and I will not be spoiling any of that today. I think you will certainly crack a smile, having the ‘myths’ confirmed in the article below.

Finishing competition at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games is special for many reasons. It marks the culmination of hard work and sacrifices that each athletes forgoes to be the professional that allowed them to make the team in the first place. Emotions are high. Excitement levels are high. Hormone levels are very high.

Most of us know- through a friend or a family member, a “professional athlete”. I do not use ‘professional’ in reference necessarily to a highly successful athlete, but rather to someone whom is wholeheartedly dedicated to their sport. These people make social, educational and life decisions based on how it will affect their sport. I am one of those people.

The most common sacrifices include:

Nobody Climbs A Mountain To Get Halfway
  • Giving up Alcohol
  • Ensuring Adequate Sleep
  • Avoiding Drugs
  • Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

These are big commitments to uphold. Do not think for a second that your athlete friend doesn’t want to share a beer with you on a Friday night… or help wingman you at a club. They do. We do. But we make the decision not to because we know that in doing so, we will be putting our bodies in a better position to be successful on the sporting field. It is a decision that we must make in order to be great. 

So when competition finishes… the party begins.

Beer… Vodka…Sex…Pizza…Chocolate – you name it! All these ‘sacrifices’ that athletes have made for years finally get put aside. You have worked so hard with your team on the field and for so long, it is time to share some good times off the training arena.

Partying after the London Olympic Games was awesome! We were escorted to pubs and clubs in BMW sponsored Olympic cars. Upon arrival, we would be ushered straight into the club- VIP and free drink wristbands slapped on us, as our athlete accreditation dangling from our necks ensured nobody misses the message that we are Olympic athletes.

Arriving back from the club in the early hours of the morning, our first stop is the food hall. After weeks of walking only to the salad and pasta bars, you finally take those extra steps towards the Big M. McDonalds. Free McDonalds! Anything, everything… free. Thickshakes, smoothies, burgers, muffins, ice cream – everything is free!

Socializing over McDonalds is also a lot of fun. Everyone knows that you are finished competing if you are eating it- so everybody assumes that you are ready to party. After a quick energy hit from the sugar, its time to either keep partying and socializing in the dining hall… or , make your way back to sleep – either alone or with a plus one.

There is a lot of sex in the Olympic village. Hormone levels are through the roof, and when you do the math… it all makes sense why. Condoms are as hot a commodity as the free McDonalds burgers. The medical staff are constantly having to restock the condom bucket, which is guarded by the boxing kangaroo with a message

“For the gland downunder”.

At the London 2012 Olympic Games- 150,000 condoms were given out in the Village... that is close to 20 condoms per athlete! 

At the end of the day, it is all part of the Championship experience. It is a very fun time being able to let your hair down and have some fun with a group of people who have been as discipled as you have over the years to get to a major Championship. The fun lasts for a few days- weeks if you are lucky. But when it is done, the competitive nature of an athlete shines through again, and we work even harder, with an even greater level of discipline to put our bodies in the best position to be successful at the next Championships.

Now that you know this, I look forward to partying with you all in the party capital of the world: Rio