1.     Iceland

{C}a.     5 days 3rdà 7th

2.     Netherlands (Amsterdam)

{C}a.     7th (930pm)- Night of 11th

3.     Brussels 11th late night – 13th night

4.     {C} 


  1. Iceland
    1. 5 days 3rd-7th 
  2. Netherlands (Amsterday
    1. 7th-11th night
  3. Brussels 
    1. 11th night- 13th night
  4. Sweden
    1. 1040pm 13th - 5pm 14th 
  5. Germany (Berlin)
    1. 7pm 14th --leave night of 15th
  6. Poland (Warsaw) 
    1. orning of the 16th until the evening of the night of the 17th
  7. Prague 
    1. morning of the 18th to the evening of the 19th to buddapest 
  8. Buddapest 
    1. 20th morning until 21st evening -- travel link 
  9. Madrid 
    1. Night of the 21st --morning of the 23rd leave to barcelona by car -- barcelona from the 24th- 26 th----- leave afternoon of the 26th and arrive evening of 26th in Valence via car
    2. Valencia from evening of the 26th to the morning of the 28th 
  10. Italy
    1. Midday of the 28th in Rome -- leave evening of 30th to Venice and leave the 1st of September to Croacia travel link
  11. Croatia (Split)
    1. 1st-6th
    2. Travel evening of the 6th to Greece 
  12. Greece from the 7th-14th
  13. Turkey until 21st